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Home Office All-in-One Desk Bike/ Fitness Bike Workstation V9 - Deskcise Pro V9

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Ergonomic Exercise Bike

This desk bike helps you keep productive. Stay healthy, active, and burn more calories while you perform otherwise sedentary task


The Deskcise Pro V9 is the perfect way to stay active while you work. This desk bike allows you to pedal while you sit at your desk, so you can burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health without having to leave your workstation. The Deskcise Pro V9 is also very quiet, so you can use it without disturbing others. It's amazing if you want a little movement while doing office work. It has 8 resistance levels, so you can increase the intensity for hard pedaling. You can also track speed, calories burnt, distance, timer, odometer, and RPMs on the small display screen. It is lightweight and takes up little space. With its four casters, you can slide it anywhere, and when stationary, the auto-locking casters stay in place. You can also adjust the height of the desk (up and down) and move the desk forward or backwards.

Pneumatic Adjustment Lever

allow you to easily adjust the seat to your desired height

Integrated Digital Display

Show readouts for workout time, calories burned & Speed

8 Resistance Levels

Go from light activity to a more robust workout with a flick of your wrist

Healthy movement, everywhere and anywhere!

Keep your immune system strong, defeat the virus!

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Cycle quietly and smoothly

1 Minute Assembly

Simply attach the desktop to the bike and done! No extra tools or complicated assembly needed

Customer Reviews

Based on 347 reviews
Carlos C.

Instant Hit. We initially purchased one bike desk for the office. We quickly learned that would not be enough. We now have 6 in the office. We have created "wellness stations" in the office and these bikes are the centerpiece. Great staff engagement tool and resource.

Susan C.

better than my expectations! Very impressed. The desk bike was easy to install, arrived in a few days, and serves my needs well. I sit on the bike whenever I use my laptop computer (often 2 hours/day). It is soothing to my ADHD/ADD, OCD, and mild Autism. The chat and online customer service were prompt and very helpful. I'm also impressed how quiet it is - virtually no sound.


Excellent product, great purchase, fast shipping, easy assembly. We are so happy that we made this purchase. My husband has ADHD and says it changed his life. We have 10 pecan trees in our yard, and he recently discovered that cracking and shelling them is very therapeutic. With this exercise bike, he can set up his workspace and exercise at the same time. And I am thrilled that it is so quiet, so he can be on...


Love! I adore my flexispot! I do wish the chair from the similar bike was available as an addition as I sometimes sit for hours and could use the back support but other than that - PERFECTION!

Blake M.

I love it! The desk bike is great at both functions. It’s easy to work while riding, it’s fun to just use it as a standing desk in its full upright position, plus it’s a sturdy and high-quality bike. To top it all off it folds down into a pretty small piece of equipment for the quality. I am so pleased and would recommend it to anyone.